Friday, July 18, 2014

Two Great Articles On Roma From This Week's NYT

There were two awesome pieces in this week's NYT about Roma.  They both made me long for my favorite city.

In the first, we hear about a fantastic dinner that President Obama had in Roma this past spring.  What a shame this didn't occur in March 2013.  If it had been just one year earlier, I'm sure I woulda been invited!

The Prez at the Colosseum
The second is a good report about the trend in Roma for private companies to pay for renovations at some of the city's most treasured sights.  This was a big deal last year, when there was a ton of work getting done at the Colosseo and the the luxury company Tod's was footing the bill.  It's happening at other sights too, and this article explains the issue.

Even with scaffolding, it can't be beat.