Thursday, May 8, 2014

Californian Cannoli Contest

Did you know that there is a Little Italy in San Jose?  I didn't either.  But my new friends Angela and Augustine Buonocore told me last week that, not only is there such a place, but that there'd also be a cannoli contest taking place there on Tuesday, May 6th.  No way I could miss this!

It was great.  I haven't had this many cannoli in months, and I had to taste them all.  There'd otherwise be no way to make an informed vote.  In the end, Angela and Augustine won.  The people spoke, and they voted La Biscotteria's cannoli as number 1!!  (I only voted once -- this was in San Jose, not Napoli…..)  

La Biscotteria's display
Another contestant

Slim pickin's if you arrived late - not that I would do such a thing.
Angela (in pink) accepting her award!
Congrats to La Biscotteria!  If you're in Palo Alto, etc., and want cannoli or sfogliatelle (the famed pastry from Napoli) -- or if you want literally the most fantastic biscotti you've ever tasted -- give them a visit!  They are on El Camino in Redwood City.