Friday, June 26, 2015

Rome Is Where The Heart Is

What a ridiculously amazing first half a day.  First of all, how great is it to show up at the apartment you spent two months in in 2013, and where your friend/apartment manager Antonio knows how much you loved the dolci at your favorite bakery?  Answer:  F'in awesome - as amazing as the cannolo sitting in the refrigerator upon your arrival.

Not much time for writing now.  Have to speak with Ken and head up to Umbria.  But there's nothing like spending time in the greatest city on Earth, and having friends to come back and see.  Seeing Paola, Valentina, Xeno, and Armando for dinner last night was magic.

And Rome was sparkling on this bright summer morning.

The collection of Ferraris outside of a small church near Augustus' tomb was cool too.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Spanish Steps? Seriously?

WTF.  Who goes to the Spanish Steps anymore?  What a tourist haven!

Pretty boy Derek Jeter and supermodel girlfriend Hannah Davis at Spanish Steps

I'm sure he doesn't know where to get gelato in Roma

Arrival in Rome tomorrow.  It'll be soooooo good to be back!