Friday, July 19, 2013

Wrap-Up On Tuscany Weekend

Still wanted to finish up on last weekend's Tuscany trip.......

The B&B -- or agriturismo -- was in the small town of Casciana Terme.  Not much going on there, but when everything near the Andrea Bocelli concert is sold out, you gotta look elsewhere!  The agriturismo was humble, but quite cute.


Also did a quick stop in the small town of Lari.  The highlight here was definitely the tour of the pasta-making factory.  Martelli claims to be Tuscany's oldest pasta-making company, and I certainly wasn't going to argue with them.  The cool thing is that you simply knock on the door (once you find the place), and you just ask them for a tour.  They will (grudgingly) then show you around and explain it all!

And, finally, there was Lucca -- birthplace of Puccini.  Lucca is a walled city and it is fun to explore within the city walls.  Puccini and opera take pride of place, and we got to watch a 75-minute performance of varied opera numbers in a tiny church.  The performers were fantastic and the show was super intimate; there were maybe 20 people in attendance.  Definitely fun.  The cathedral is worth a visit too.  The only sad thing?  Missing Bryan Adams in Lucca by a few days.  What a trifecta that would have been -- BA, Bruce, and Bocelli on 3 consecutive days!


The Cattedrale di San Martino

I'm sure this was an incredible concert.  I've seen him once -- at MSG many many years ago -- and totally love his more recent live "Bare Bones" album.  
None of the above is a must-see.  But if you're driving around near Pisa, these are some options to consider.

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